Star Paul Walker Dies in Car Accident

According to a report 40 yr old actor of Fast and Furious (Paul Walker) dies in a car crash today. Confirmation yet to be done.

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Tutorial-Android 4.1.2 on your PC (V Box)

Virtual Box or virtual PC Environment can make us enjoy the world’s most popular OS Jellybean on the PC with a full support..
Requirements- Virtual Box, android-x86-4.2-20130228.iso
How to Do- In the Virtual Box select OS type as Linux, select the type as other, Give the path to iso and then boot it. Also create a virtual disk before this step.
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Tutorial-Convert Win 8 setup Folder to Bootable ISO

Here I provide the simplest way to make a bootable Windows 8, XP ,7 or any Microsoft windows bootable DVD by just the folder Files

Difficulty—–> Very Easy

Requirements——> WBI creator, Setup folder

1. Choose the OS

2. Give the Name to your ISO

3. Give reference of setup files

4. Choose any folder in the drive where you want the new iso  It must not directly be the DRIVE Letter i.e. it should not be like D:\ or E:\ It should be like E:\New Folder or E:\Windows 8 etc.. as you wish.

5. Press Go And Wait….. 

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The Antivirus no one able to crack

I should write this post or not I don’t know. I have surfed the whole internet cracking the Quick Heal Products but never is there any website or any one which I see able to crack the quick heal antivirus (with update feature) successfully. It is one of the best antivirus in the world and the top security product in my list. A great thanks to Quick heal Technologies. I am never dissatisfied with the product. False are the product rankings who just ranks BITDEFENDER or AVAST as the best product. The one who had tried quick heal with a license really knows who the best……………………….
Guyzzz just go for quick heal…..
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4k TVs with Simul View Technology

What is Simul View

Simul view is a very nice technology especially for the game lovers who want multiplaying without the split screen. Imagine playing racing game with a friend both seeing different and that too in the full screen without any split. With a clear view, Ultra HD resolutions these screens will just provide an unbelievable graphics full of reality…….


How it works

The two person have to wear two glasses. The frames will be generated so fast that one will see one image then another and the two glasses will render image differently. It is possible if the frames generated with a very high frequency

Available in even 84 inch or greater…….

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JEE mains cutoff for advanced to decrease in 2014

CBSE has thought of taking 1,86,000 students instead of 1,50,000 for the JEE Advanced so obviously the cut off are in the verge to decrease this year but competition will be more tough for the advanced paper….

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